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Honduras Full City (Medium)

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In the northern region of Honduras, there exists a small co-op of farmers in the tallest mountains in the country, over 1350 meters. It is from these farms that all of the world's Honduras Cerro Azul is produced. Cerro Azul is the quintessential Honduran coffee - full bodied, mild acidity, notes of milk chocolate, almond, and black tea. This coffee is well balanced enough on its own for a pourover or french press, and can be enjoyed with a small amount of milk and sugar. We think a blend of Cerro Azul and our Medium Brazil makes for an amazing cold brew experience - all of the harsh acidity of the "normal" cold brew melts away into a lovely chocolate and tea character.

Roast: Full City (medium roast), dropped a few seconds before second crack begins

Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate, Almond, Black Tea

Tasting notes are what we taste in the coffee. Like wine and other agricultural products, these are open to interpretation. Unless specifically labelled as a flavored coffee, we do not add anything to our coffees. None of our coffees contain nuts, including our flavored coffees.