Kitty Town

Drink Coffee - Feed Cats

Here's the thing. There are so many shelters out there for homeless kitties, just waiting for find their forever homes. No one wants to see those kitties go hungry, even kill-shelters are just trying to make ends meet, and no-kill shelters are usually paying out of pocket while their kitties wait.

Really, the motivation behind Kitty Town is simple - someone has to do something about this. Why not us?

Why not you?

Every 12oz bag of Kitty Town you buy, on our website or in the store of one of our grocery partners, goes to give a lovely cat, just waiting to find their forever home, one week of food. And guess what? If you drink a pot of coffee every day, you'll use that bag in about a week too! Every cup of coffee you drink, you'll be giving a lovely kitty breakfast, and you'll be giving hope to the owner of the shelter that it really is true, someone loves these cats that they have so grown to love.

(And when you buy a 2lb bag, you feed a kitty for two weeks!)

So come join us in Kitty Town! Together we'll make sure no cats have to wait, hungry, for their forever home.

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