About Us

Kenny and Zanetta Kok by coffee roaster
Founders Kenny and Zanetta Kok

Who We Are

We are pragmatic people who take a scientific approach to coffee. We don't wave our hands and do a little coffee dance around our roaster, we use data and technology to consistently create a delicious product for a price that makes sense. We are a small but mighty team who makes coffee for neighborhood markets, national restaurant chains, and moms and dads who need a pick me up to get through the day. 

Our Cause

We don't believe you should have to choose between delicious and affordable when it comes to your favorite morning ritual. We are crazy about creating the freshest and most delicious coffee, we just don't feel the need to be pretentious about it. Good coffee should be accessible to everyone, that belief is what keeps us going (well, that and the caffeine). 

You can join our cause by ordering online or serving our coffee in your business.