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Sydney Roasting Co

Brazilian Decaf MC, 80ct 2.5oz Single Pot Packs

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This decaf coffee from Brazil is a simple, gets the job done coffee that you won't even know is decaf (until you can actually sleep at night, then you'll know we weren't lying). 

These 2.5oz Single Pot Packs are perfect for restaurant and office use. The coffee is ground to a standard grind, so these single serve packs are perfect for a 64oz autodrip coffee pot.  You'll find the flavor is more fully developed than a very find grind typically found in foodservice uses, and there is significantly less bitterness.

Roast: Vienna (dark roast), dropped before oils begin to form on the bean

Tasting notes: Smokey, licorice, smooth

Tasting notes are what we taste in the coffee. Like wine and other agricultural products, these are open to interpretation. Unless specifically labelled as a flavored coffee, we do not add anything to our coffees. None of our coffees contain nuts, including our flavored coffees.