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Brazil Full City+ (Medium)

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100% coffee from the Cerrado savanna in Brazil. Coffee from Brazil is known as being the least acidic coffee available, so you'll enjoy a velvety smooth cup with rich body.

The Full City+ roast offers a very pleasant caramelized flavor that complements the Brazil's natural nuttiness. This is one of our most versatile coffees and is truly a crowd favorite. It offers just enough flavor to for those who prefer a bold cup, yet it is still very smooth and naturally sweet. 

For us, this is one of our staples, the daily drinker. You can really drink it any way you want it - autodrip, espresso, french press, or pourover. This is a forgiving coffee for the aspiring coffee connoisseur first venturing into the world of high quality specialty roast coffee.

Roast: Full City+ (medium roast), dropped as second crack occurs

Tasting Notes: Burnt sugar like a creme brulee topping, toasted nuts


Tasting notes are what we taste in the coffee. Like wine and other agricultural products, these are open to interpretation. Unless specifically labelled as a flavored coffee, we do not add anything to our coffees. None of our coffees contain nuts, including our flavored coffees.