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Sydney Roasting Co

Heritage Collection Christmas Pack

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Christmas time is upon us! We can't speak for you and your family, but in our house, sitting around the fireplace, coffee in hand, discussing whatever we want to discuss, is a centerpiece of our tradition.

So this year, we wanted to do something a little bit special for the fam! We've created a lovely 5-pack of unique single origin, direct trade sourced coffees, roasted in the way that we feel best accentuates the natural flavors of the coffee. Here is the lineup: 

Tanzania Peaberry, City Roast. Tasting notes include brown sugar, lemon, and orange peel. We love this coffee because it is extremely unique - try it in a french press and let all of the flavors mingle and swirl on your palate until the end of the cup.

Sumatra GR1 Karo Highlands, Vienna Roast. Tasting notes include molasses, dark chocolate, and spice. We love this coffee because it represents the best of what Indonesia has to offer - a lovely dark roast filled with spicey notes but light on the smoke.

Guatemala San Francisco Cortzal Estate, Vienna Roast. Tasting notes of light smoke, apricot, and honey. We love this coffee because the darker roast really brings out the depth of the apricot in the coffee, while allowing a strong body in the middle of the cup.

Nicaragua Jinotega, Full City Roast. Tasting notes of jam, elderberry, and dark chocolate. We love this coffee because of it's rich palate that brings on waves of flavor in each cup. Very rich and bold without being a dark roast.

Ethiopia Sidamo Natural, City Roast. Tasting notes of blueberry, light acidity with adequate body. We love Ethiopia because of it's delicate body that's still rich in flavor. Strong floral and blueberry notes come through with a clean finish.