Columbian Excelso City Roast - 12oz


As the second largest producer of coffee in the world, Colombian coffee has played a big role in shaping the American coffee drinker's palate. The coffee is very versatile if you are looking for a coffee that "just works." 

While you've probably had a cup of Colombian coffee before, you may not have had this light of a roast. This roast brings out the bean's natural juicy and sweet flavors. Try our  Colombian Supremo Vienna Roast if you're looking for that traditional cup of  Colombian dark roasted coffee.

Roast: City (light roast), dropped shortly after first crack

Tasting Notes: Sweet oranges, tropical mango, brown sugar

Tasting notes are what we taste in the coffee. Like wine and other agricultural products, these are open to interpretation. This does not indicate any additives aside from our specifically labelled flavored coffees. None of our coffees contain nuts, including our flavored coffees.