Brazillian Vienna Roast - 2lb


100% coffee from the Cerrado savanna in Brazil. Coffee from Brazil is known as being the least acidic coffee available, so you'll enjoy a dark and delicious coffee that's still smooth and sweet.

The Vienna roast is an exceptionally flavorful dark roast coffee. Vienna roast coffees are dropped before the coffee develops oil on the outside of the bean, so you'll notice that it's less bitter and more sweet than most dark roast coffees.

This will make a delicious dark cup of coffee, and works well for espresso to be served in milky beverages. 

Roast: Vienna (dark roast), dropped before oils begin to form on the bean

Tasting Notes: Smoked, blackened marshmallow

Tasting notes are what we taste in the coffee. Like wine and other agricultural products, these are open to interpretation. Unless specifically labelled as a flavored coffee, we do not add anything to our coffees. None of our coffees contain nuts, including our flavored coffees.