Private Label 12oz Brazil Full City+ 8ct Case


Want to make your own private label coffee for your business? Use our handy tool to create your own label for a case of our freshly roasted coffee! Our editor allows you to drag and drop your logo and text right onto the label, or you can use our convenient templates to create your own full label design.

We're more than happy to assist you in creating your design, or discuss other private label options including full printed custom bags, stand up pouches, side gusset, or discounts for larger quantities. Give us a call to get started!


- Take note of the required text on the front and back label. On the front, you are required to leave the "Net Wt. 12oz (940g)" in a legible format, on the bottom center of the label. On the back, you are required to display our name and address. These are required by the FDA. If you submit a design without these required elements, we will edit your design to include them and send you a digital proof of the updated label before processing your order.

- Do not include any wording that is misleading, makes a health claim, refers to another brand, or requires a certification. Unacceptable words include but are not limited to:
Fair Trade
Cures cancer (or anything besides sleepiness)
Starbucks (or any other brand)

- All designs will be reviewed by a human before being printed, so if we catch something that might cause a printing issue we'll contact you. That said, you're ultimately responsible for any typos or other errors with your design. We are unable to provide a refund for a design with a typo or error on it.

.psd Front Template
.psd Back Template
PDF Front Template
PDF Back Template